The one-stop shop mobility marketplace

MOBIAN delivers you a mobility marketplace where you can find and manage new markets to show your product to and start selling through those channels. A mobility marketplace where you can find all types of mobility over the globe which you can also connect through one connecting. A mobility marketplace where you can manage and decide everything by yourself and where MOBIAN takes care of a clear dashboard, one technical connection to sales channels and providers, one merged financial handling and one collective Q&A support.

One stop

For mobility solutions

Mobility suppliers

We are the go-to place for mobility
suppliers that are looking for the
complete package, including booking
management and improving sales.

Mobility resellers

MOBIAN services companies
that are looking to complete
their customer’s journey and
want to sell mobility solutions.

Discover all mobilities in one marketplace

A unique marketplace where different mobility suppliers and sales channels can find each other, connect to each other and start working together.

140 products
16 countries

89 products
21 countries

56 products
9 countries

Car rental, shared cars
201 products
60 countries


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